Gender Reveal Party!

Gender Reveal Party

Hi readers!! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! It’s for a good reason though…I’m pregnant! Due April 22, 2016 and can’t wait to be a mom! I was super nauseous the first trimester and didn’t feel like doing anything so I just kind of let the blog posting slip (sorry about that). Anyway, I’m now 17 weeks & 3 days and into the second trimester so I’ve been feeling a lot better! Last night we had a gender reveal party with our families so I thought it would be a good time to make a post about that. I had a ton of fun planning and decorating! It was nice to put my creative thinking cap on 🙂 Check out all the fun pictures and to find out what we’re having! (more…)

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DIY Washi Tape Tea Light Tutorial

DIY Washi Tape Tea Lights. Great for Weddings, Parties, & Decorations! See the tutorial on

We are coming up on the last couple DIY wedding projects that I have to share with you. This post will show you how to dress up your Tea Lights for your Wedding or a Party or wherever you are using Tea Lights! It’s very simple to do, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and just adds an extra detail that makes your decorations shine! I happened to have one extra light left over so I can show you what I did up close. Did I mention that you get to play with Washi Tape?! I love Washi Tape, it’s fun to say and use 😛 Anyway, here we go… I broke this simple project down into a couple of steps (although totally unnecessary because it’s so easy) just so I could share where I got my materials and write a few tips under each step.  (more…)

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