Harry Potter Nursery

Check out details from this Harry Potter inspired vintage nursery on Project Abode

Guysss! I am so excited to finally reveal my Harry Potter Nursery for baby Logan on the way! I am 37 weeks today, so only about 3 weeks left until he’s here and we are so ready for him to arrive! Ever since we found out it was a boy I knew I wanted to do a Harry Potter inspired nursery theme. I didn’t want it to be too over-the-top Harry Potter so I toned it down with more neutral colors/blues (my favorite!) and added a vintage touch. Just warning you, this blog post is very picture heavy! Scroll along to see all the details, including where things came from to help inspire you to make your own nursery 🙂 (more…)

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9 Tips & Tricks for How to Pack for a Move

9 Tips & Tricks for how to pack for a move! And learn how to stay organized with a spreadsheet @ ProjectAbode.com

Are you getting ready to move? We are! We are moving to a new-to-us home this Friday and we are moving ourselves (DIY!) with help from friends/family! I have compiled a list of 9 tips & tricks on how to pack for a move and stay organized along the way:


1. Grocery Bags will be your new Best Friend
If you are reading this post far ahead of your move then start saving a ton of grocery bags now to use for wrapping stuff (basically free bubble wrap and then you can recycle or repurpose later!). And, if you have space, save packing materials (bubble wrap, paper, etc) from every package you get to use for your move. I had an entire bin full of packing materials I saved from over a year. And even though I had all this material I still went through a giant roll of bubble wrap!

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