Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Smile

Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Smile |

It’s Tuesdayyyyy! Here are some cute pictures of Rocky smiling and lounging around outside. He looks so happy & is super cute! Last week we had a scare…Rocky escaped the yard! It was such a horrible feeling. He was gone for about 45 minutes or so, then came back and was waiting for me on the deck happy to see me. I’m pretty sure he saw a bunny and had to chase it! We think his collar was too loose so he didn’t feel a correction when he got too close to the invisible fence. The dealer came and gave us a smaller collar, so it’s tight now. I’m so glad he came back home on his own because catching him probably would have been impossible considering the shelter we got him from was trying to catch him for 2 weeks!  (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Middle of May

Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky new bed |

Hi all! Time for more cute pictures of Rocky for Too Cute Tuesday! We got Rocky a new bed to put in our family room since his spoiled butt doesn’t particularly like laying on the leather couch unless you put a blanket down. I’m okay with that though– less likely for him to scratch the couch! He loves laying in that new bed, it’s so cute 🙂

Even though I just said he doesn’t like laying on the couch he’ll still get up there if you put a blanket down or he will just lay on top of all the pillows. It’s hilarious because he will scoop all the pillows into one spot with his feet so he can lay on them in one big pile! (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Baby Bunnies

Too Cute Tuesday - Baby Bunnies

Awhile back we went to mulch all our flower/tree beds and found a bunny nest! You could see them all squished together and buried in their nest made of straw and other found materials. They were so tiny and cute! We made sure to not let Rocky see the nest or let him get too close to find it. We went on vacation for about a week to Florida to visit Universal Studios (Harry Potter world!) & Busch Gardens. When we came back I went to check out the nest to see if they were still there and we found them outside of the nest tucked under the retaining wall rocks. I seriously could have pet them I was so close but I left them alone as tempting as it was (they were super cute!). I snapped a quick pic of the 3 of them with my phone incase they ran away so the quality isn’t so great. The next day they were gone and on their way to their new bunny life outside of the nest! (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky Snuggles

Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky Snuggles |

Too Cute Tuesday time!! This week I’ll be sharing these ridiculous photos of Rocky laying in bed. Joe was getting ready for bed so Rocky thought it was a good time to jump up on his side of the bed and lay next to me. He had his feet stretched out like a human and his head on the pillow. It even looks like he has his paws tucked up under him like a human would. So ridiculous and so cute! He makes me smile everyday 🙂 Anyone notice the Mr. Right pillow he’s laying on?? Totally true 😛 I hope you enjoy the Rocky Snuggles and it brightens your Tuesday! (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: New Collar

Too Cute Tuesday @

Hi guys it’s time for Too Cute Tuesday! I thought Rocky needed a new collar for the new house to go with his new dog tag! It matches his leash perfectly and is from the best place on earth: Target 🙂 I love his dog tag. He likes to shake his body a lot and if he had a traditional tag on it would jingle like crazy but this one attaches right on the collar which means no noise! They are called Boomerang Tags if you’re interested.

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Too Cute Tuesday: New Couch

Too Cute Tuesday >>

Time for Too Cute Tuesday! This past weekend we moved into a new home. (Check out this post to read how that went.) We were very surprised how Rocky acted when we first let him in. We thought he would run around like a maniac like he usually did at the condo. But instead he literally went through every room in the entire house and sniffed the perimeter. It was kind of funny. He still doesn’t completely understand what is going on and isn’t back to his normal self. I’m sure that will change soon. We just had some quotes given to us from different invisible fence companies and we have finally decided on one so we can’t wait for Rocky to be able to freely run around the new yard!

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