Too Cute Tuesday: Middle of May

Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky new bed |

Hi all! Time for more cute pictures of Rocky for Too Cute Tuesday! We got Rocky a new bed to put in our family room since his spoiled butt doesn’t particularly like laying on the leather couch unless you put a blanket down. I’m okay with that though– less likely for him to scratch the couch! He loves laying in that new bed, it’s so cute 🙂

Even though I just said he doesn’t like laying on the couch he’ll still get up there if you put a blanket down or he will just lay on top of all the pillows. It’s hilarious because he will scoop all the pillows into one spot with his feet so he can lay on them in one big pile!

Too Cute Tuesday. Rocky laying on pillows |

When we first moved in Joe and I took Rocky on a walk after some unpacking and we discovered this cool trail down in the woods. We had no idea where it led but just started walking a bit until we ran into someone else walking. We asked him where this led and he said it was a decent little walk to get to the end. Very intriguing but we were tired already so we turned back to explore it another day. I finally got out and took Rocky on this trail this past weekend. Super cool trail! It’s in the middle of our neighborhood and its surrounded by trees and the trail is right on the edge of a creek! It’s very relaxing and takes about 30 mins to speed walk to the end and back, which is perfect. Bunnies apparently have a death wish on this trail too. They just sit right on the path and don’t move until Rocky is almost on top of them!

Too Cute Tuesday. Rocky on a walk |

And the last picture for today is of my husband, Joe, and Rocky snuggling and being all cute together on the couch. Bawwwww 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

Too Cute Tuesday. Rocky and Joe |

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