Too Cute Tuesday: Early Morning Snuggles

Too Cute Tuesday @

Bawwww, Rocky is so adorable laying in bed with me after Joe leaves for work. He lies on the bed like a human with his head on the pillow. He especially loves burrowing his head into the pile of blankets and rolling around being cute. I think he knows he’s being cute too. 

I don’t have many pictures for this week as I’ve been super busy and about to get even more busy! A company I design for (Jersey Watch) got accepted into The Brandery downtown that helps start-up companies grow their business. Starting next week I’m going to be working on-site there twice a week for about 4 months (which is how long The Brandery program is). So, the blog might dwindle down some in that time frame. Also, if you know any youth sports teams that are looking to make or revamp their team’s website you should check out Jersey Watch! It’s free and amazing 🙂

I will end this Tuesday with one last picture of Rocky in front of a picture that I made when we moved into our condo (still love it!). Be sure to check back soon on the blog to read why the picture is sitting where it is!

Too Cute Tuesday @

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