Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Smile

Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Smile |

It’s Tuesdayyyyy! Here are some cute pictures of Rocky smiling and lounging around outside. He looks so happy & is super cute! Last week we had a scare…Rocky escaped the yard! It was such a horrible feeling. He was gone for about 45 minutes or so, then came back and was waiting for me on the deck happy to see me. I’m pretty sure he saw a bunny and had to chase it! We think his collar was too loose so he didn’t feel a correction when he got too close to the invisible fence. The dealer came and gave us a smaller collar, so it’s tight now. I’m so glad he came back home on his own because catching him probably would have been impossible considering the shelter we got him from was trying to catch him for 2 weeks! 




Also, Joe’s parents were rummaging through some stuff and found this self-portrait Joe drew sometime in Elementary school. So Cute! I like his eyelashes and red eyes 😛 Happy Tuesday!





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