Too Cute Tuesday: Baby Bunnies

Too Cute Tuesday - Baby Bunnies

Awhile back we went to mulch all our flower/tree beds and found a bunny nest! You could see them all squished together and buried in their nest made of straw and other found materials. They were so tiny and cute! We made sure to not let Rocky see the nest or let him get too close to find it. We went on vacation for about a week to Florida to visit Universal Studios (Harry Potter world!) & Busch Gardens. When we came back I went to check out the nest to see if they were still there and we found them outside of the nest tucked under the retaining wall rocks. I seriously could have pet them I was so close but I left them alone as tempting as it was (they were super cute!). I snapped a quick pic of the 3 of them with my phone incase they ran away so the quality isn’t so great. The next day they were gone and on their way to their new bunny life outside of the nest!

Here is a picture of the nest. If you look closely
you can see a tiny bit of bunny fur sticking out 🙂

Too Cute Tuesday - Baby Bunny Nest


While we were on vacation Rocky got a little too crazy playing with the other dogs at the boarding place and cracked his dewclaw right at the base. They called and told me he was bleeding everywhere but it eventually stopped. They weren’t too worried about it because he doesn’t walk on the dewclaw so they would just wait for us to get back to take him to the vet. I’m glad he did this on the second to last day he was there so he was able to enjoy himself playing the rest of the time.

Anyway, Rocky has cracked several of his claws and the vet has had to cut one off before. It was a very traumatic experience for Rocky because he does not like being held down, let alone his feet being touched. So, I took him to a new vet this time and they suggested he be sedated so he’s not traumatized again. They took him in the back to give him a shot to be put to sleep. The techs held him to give him a shot and he screamed before they even did anything. I could hear the vet saying “We haven’t even done anything yet”. Rocky is very dramatic. He didn’t even care about getting the actual shot. The procedure went fine and Rocky was very drowsy the rest of the night. He was laying down (which is rare for him because he rarely even sits down in the car) & completely zonked out. It was super cute! The next day Rocky was back to his normal self!


Happy Tuesday!

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