Things To Do When You Move

List of Things To Do When You Move //

Hi all, Happy Friday! We have officially owned our home for 1 week 🙂 I’m sure most of you probably know what you need to do when you move, but for those of you that don’t or for anyone who needs a quick reminder, I thought I’d post a quick list of things you need to get done:

1. Set up Electric/Gas
Before you close on your new home call the electric and/or gas company that is servicing your home and set up your account(s) so you have electricity when you move in! We don’t have gas so we just had to set up the electric. We just asked our realtor what companies were servicing our home.

2. Set up your Water
Do the same with the water…we kind of forgot about this because in our condo the water was set up through our HOA. Luckily the previous owners of our home hadn’t called to cancel their account yet so we still had water. For the water account I had to actually go into an office to fill out a quick application and pay a deposit that we will get back after a year of good payments.

3. Trash Service
Call your trash service to put the account in your name as well. We have yet to do this because our realtor said it should be paid for several weeks from the previous owners. They picked up our trash this week so I guess that’s a good sign!

4. Change of Address
Set up a change of address to have your mail forwarded. You can do this online (which we did) or in a post office. Not sure if it’s different if you do it in the actual post office but when we did it online we got a letter in the mail at our previous address before we moved with a couple of coupons in it (10% off for Best Buy and Lowes) AND the first day we moved into the new place we got a larger letter with even more coupons in it! There was a 10% off your entire purchase at Target which is amazing! I’ve never seen a coupon like that for Target before so I’m excited to go shopping!! There were other coupons too like Best Buy & Lowes (again!), Pier 1 Imports, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and more!

5. Credit Cards/Bank Accounts
Change your address for all your credit cards and bank accounts.

6. Online Accounts
Change your address on your online accounts like Amazon, Paypal, or Ebay. Make sure your billing address is updated on your credit card accounts before trying to change your billing address on these accounts…it won’t work.

7. Driver’s License
Get an updated Driver’s License with your new address. Not sure if this applies to all states but a little secret I learned from Joe’s family is to go to the court house to get your license. I was surprised when I moved to KY from OH that it literally took me 5 minutes to get a new license. No waiting in line for hours at the DMV…just go to the court house (make sure the one you go to has a license office there, not positive they all have one)!

8. Voter’s Registration
Last time while I was getting my new license I was able to register to vote. So you can update your voter’s registration while you’re there.

9. Insurance
Make sure the insurance for your new home is set up and all your other insurance is set up at your new home.

8. Set up new services
Call to have internet & cable installed at your new place (if you want it)!

9. Relax, and enjoy your new place 🙂

If you haven’t seen my post on How to Pack for a Move I suggest taking a look for helpful packing tips & tricks! Do you have anything I missed for things to do when you move? Leave a comment and let me know!


List of Things To Do When You Move //
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