Moving Day Experience

Project Abode Moving Day Uhaul Experience

Hi readers!

We have officially moved into our new-to-us home! I’ll start out this post on Thursday’s events and update you from there until today (Monday). On Thursday I finished the last of the packing and that evening when Joe got off work we immediately went and picked up our gigantic 24′ Uhaul! That thing is a beast. We were worried about it being too much room because it said for 3-4 bedroom homes and ours was a 2 bedroom. But apparently I’m just really good at organizing and packing things away that we were able to fill that thing with no problem (and still have some stuff left over at the in-laws place!). We wanted to get the 20′ but they didn’t have any for our moving weekend so I guess it’s a good thing we got the 24′!

Anyway, after that we went and did our final walk-through at the new place and I was soooo excited to find there is a remote for the light/fan in the bedroom! We had one in our condo and were bummed out about having to go back to a regular light switch (#firstworldproblems). I guess when we saw the place they had it tucked away and not in a holder on the wall. We will have to get a new holder so we don’t lose the remote but I am so happy to have it!
Project Abode Fan Remote

While we were doing our walkthrough the in-laws loaded a ton of boxes into the uhaul for us already so that was helpful. Joe and his dad loaded a few other heavy things that evening and then we called it a night so we could do most of it when we had extra help. Friday morning came and we started loading the Uhaul at 8am with help from the in-laws and Joe’s cousin. Joe’s mom brought us Panera breakfast (yum!) and we loaded the beast in about 3 hours. We then had some time to relax before our 3pm closing.

The closing for the condo happened very quickly because it was a cash offer. I had no idea that when you go to sign paperwork and such the buyers are in the room with you. Awkward! She was asking us all kinds of questions. I hope she enjoys the trains!! Our closing for the house was at 4pm and the sellers were not there for this one because they left for spring break and signed the papers early. In the little waiting room for the closing they had a tv scrolling through a bunch of pictures saying “Congratulations!” to people closing on houses that day. We don’t look all that nice as we had come from loading the uhaul but here’s our pic:
Project Abode New Home Closing

After we got the key to our new house we went to dinner at Flipdaddy’s which is a delicious burger joint. I had a burger with mac n’ cheese on it! After dinner we split up; I went with Joe’s Mom & Grandma to the house to start shampooing the carpets and Joe & his Dad went to Home Depot to get new locks for the house. I only had time to shampoo the Master Bath & Living Room that evening and wow that was a massive job. I got a ton of stains out but I used an entire bottle of the shampoo and it took me about 3 hours. If you can for your move I suggest taking some time before you actually move in to clean while the house is empty and you can take your time. We didn’t really have that option since we closed on the same day. After shampooing we spent the night at Joe’s parent’s house.

Project Abode Moving Day

Saturday was the actual move-in day! I kind of got caught up in the whole process that I forgot to take any pictures of the actual move. The picture above happened after we finally brought Rocky home that evening. Anyway, we had a ton of help for the move; 3 friends, both sets of parents, and Joe’s Grandma. The unloading process was fairly quick because of all the help. First thing we did was set up the bed so we could sleep there that evening. My mom was our cleaning savior in the master bathroom. There was a lot of mold in the grout and the floor was black. She got the thing nearly looking new! Saturday was a crazy time. We had a new couch & dining room set delivered AND Directv installed that day. They both decided to show up at the same time so we were completely taking over our street.

My moving organization tip using a spreadsheet definitely came in handy. I didn’t literally write every single thing down but apparently I should have because people were asking me for weird things that I know I didn’t write down because I didn’t think it was very important and there was no way I could find them in the sea of boxes. But it definitely helped me find things like dish soap, towels, shampoo, etc. that I never would have found without having a system. I highly recommend it!

Sunday was mostly a shopping day. We made a Home Depot run to get other random things we needed for the house like a new faucet (ours is leaking), a lawn mower, shower rod, door stoppers (because for some reason all of ours were missing the caps on the springs…), new grout for shower, etc. And we went to Best Buy to buy a new stove and refrigerator (can’t wait for those to get here on Friday)!
Project Abode Home Depot Shopping

Right now our house is one giant clutter of boxes. I have halfway cleaned & unpacked the kitchen today and we finally got internet! I also signed up for our water service and had someone come out to give us a quote for an invisible fence for Rocky. Busy, busy! I will end this post with some shots I took around our messy, box-filled house today. Be on the lookout for Too Cute Tuesday tomorrow 🙂

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