Bright & Airy Refresh: Blue Living Room

Living Room gets a fresh coat of blue paint |

Hi guys! Sorry for disappearing for a little over a week (and missing this week’s Too Cute Tuesday). We have been busy painting & doing other things that I just haven’t had time to sit down and write a post! Today I am going to share what our living room looks like with a fresh coat of paint! Hello blue living room and bye-bye baby vomit green color & marks/dents/holes…

Living Room gets a fresh coat of blue paint |

Man that was a pain patching all those dents. The kids/cat that used to live here really beat up the walls! Joe had a fun time sanding it all down. Ignore my husband’s face in the previous picture, hahah totally didn’t notice that when I was taking the pic 😛

Anyway, there was a Memorial Day paint sale at Home Depot so we picked a Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint called Zen. It’s a blue color with an undertone of green, very nice and Zen-like 😛 I can’t help myself picking out blue/green colors when picking out paint– I just love them! I think it really freshens up the space and also makes the fireplace pop more (I’m even thinking about painting that wall a different color to make it pop even more!) I am so glad to finally get rid of all the marks and dirt from the previous owners, it just really makes the house start to feel more like our home (now to paint the baseboards…ugh). We only had to do one coat with some touch-ups after so that was nice because doing the entire room was so time-consuming. There was a TON of cutting-in because of the windows, the fireplace, doors, etc. and hardly any spots to roll-on so between the two of us it took almost the entire day. Exhausting! My back/arm still kind of hurts from Saturday when we did it. Here are some after photos of our new color:

Living Room gets a fresh coat of blue paint |

Living Room gets a fresh coat of blue paint |

Living Room gets a fresh coat of blue paint |

Who can spot Rocky in the picture?! He is always getting in the way! He wouldn’t get out of his bed…who can blame him for that? haha.

I haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, still brainstorming on what I want to do. We are planning on eventually getting a bookcase of some sort to put to the right of the tv for decorations/more storage. The mantel just has some random stuff that I threw up there for now. I ordered some curtains from Target today for this room so I am excited to see how those will look 🙂 We are also kind of thinking we might paint the wood on the banister white! It just kind of looks out-of-place with everything now. Not sure that is something I feel like tackling right now though 😮 I will post more progress when I have more to show!

We have the kitchen, the other half of the dining room (see our Chalkboard Wall that is already painted on the one half), and the 1/2 bath left to paint on the first floor. Hopefully these won’t be as time-consuming! I also already painted the entry hallway but I will leave that for another post on another day. Have a great rest of your week!

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Bright & Airy Living Room Refresh. Click to see more pictures & follow along as more fun updates are made! |
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