How to make a Chalkboard Wall

How-to make a Chalkboard Wall |

Hello readers! I’m excited to reveal pictures of my new chalkboard wall and share with you how my project went, what materials I used, and step by step photos! I hope this post inspires you to create your own chalkboard wall. It creates a bold statement and is super fun!

I originally was just going to make the wall that our pantry door is on the chalkboard wall which would have been a very small section, but installing our new Nest thermostat kind of made the decision for me to paint one wall into the dining room as well! The previous owners didn’t leave any paint for the dining room so we couldn’t cover up the white spot that was left behind from our old thermostat. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to just carry the chalkboard wall into the dining room for an accent wall! We will probably eventually paint the other 3 walls in this room as there are some dings and dirty spots that won’t come off but I am loving the large chalkboard wall especially because you see it immediately when you walk into our home. I can’t wait to spend some time drawing on it! 🙂

Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint | How-to make a Chalkboard Wall |

Materials Needed:

  • Rust-oleum Chalkboard Paint  (It comes in black, green, or you can tint it any color you want. I used black)
  • High Density Foam Roller so it doesn’t leave an orange peel surface from a regular roller
  • Angled brush for cutting in around baseboards/ceiling
  • Fine sandpaper (I used 220 grit) and sanding block
  • Paint tray
  • Spackle to fill any holes or dings in your wall
  • Drop cloths to protect your floors
  • Painters tape (if needed)
  • White Chalk (I used the Prang brand) & Eraser

* I am not getting paid for advertising any of these products, just sharing what I used.

Step 1: Spackle any holes or dings in your wall. They will show up when you paint. Let the spackle dry. Pictures below show the walls before they were painted.

Step 2: Sand, sand, sand!! I read this tip in a review of the chalkboard paint. You want your surface as smooth as possible to get an authentic chalkboard look so don’t skip this step. After I started painting I realized I should have spackled & sanded even more because I missed some dings. This makes a GIANT dusty mess so make sure to cover anything you don’t want to get dusty.

Step 3: If you are painting on an already painted surface you can start with your first coat of paint! If it’s a bare wall you need to paint on a primer first. The directions on the can say to prime first for best results but the associate at Home Depot said it would be fine without a primer since I was using black paint and painting on top of a non-glossy, painted surface. Your first coat will not cover the entire surface and it definitely won’t look very good (see pics below). Don’t get discouraged because it will look great in the end! I kind of worked in sections cutting in around the baseboard and ceiling with my angled brush and then rolling it on with my foam roller so I could smooth out the brush marks from my angled brush. You want to make sure you don’t leave any weird thick parts of paint or drip marks because this will make the chalkboard surface have a weird texture.

Step 4: Paint 1-2 more coats. I did 3 coats and the 3rd coat made the chalkboard wall look so much better!  I used up 2 – 30 oz cans on a wall and a half.

Step 5: Let your chalkboard wall dry for 3 days.

Step 6: Coat your ENTIRE chalkboard surface with chalk by rubbing it with the side of a piece of chalk.

Step 7: Erase all the chalk! This will help prime the surface and prevent ghost images after you erase and scratches on your chalkboard. The can says you can wipe the surface off with a damp towel after its been painted for 7 days to get rid of the grayed effect the white chalk leaves if you wish. (I haven’t tried this yet and I kind of like the chalkboard look anyway)

Step 8: Have fun with your new chalkboard!

How-to make a Chalkboard Wall |

We hosted our first family party at our new house for Mother’s Day this past weekend and this was also the first time I got to write on my new chalkboard 🙂

Let me know what Chalkboard projects you’ve done in the comments and/or if you have any questions about starting your own! Have fun!


How-to make a Chalkboard Wall |
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