DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards

DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards |

Did everyone see my previous post about our wedding being published on The Knot?! If you didn’t, check out the post here to get the link 🙂  To continue my wedding series I will be doing a tutorial for how I created my hanging wedding escort cards! The Christmas before our wedding I asked for a bunch of Silhouette supplies. We had a coupon so I really went to town on ordering a bunch of stuff. One of the things I wanted was the Silhouette Advent Calendar. I kept seeing really cute decorations that people made with the advent calendar that can be used year round so that was one of the things I ordered. It looks like they don’t have them anymore on their website but I found one on When my advent calendar arrived mine didn’t come with the clips it was supposed to so we called Silhouette to ask for new clips and they ended up sending me an entire new advent calendar. Now I had two! This wasn’t my original intention but now that I had two I thought these would be the perfect solution to hang escort cards from for our wedding!

DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards |

First, I needed to find smaller clips so I could squeeze as many names as possible into each row. Plus, I didn’t have the original clips from the first one anyway. So, a trip to Michael’s it was. I found super tiny and colorful clothespins. Perfect! I picked up mostly lime green ones and one pack of blue because the blue they had didn’t really match my wedding colors (but I wanted to mix a few blue ones in there anyway for variety). These clothespins are very fragile and break easily so be careful with them. I then measured how much room the clothespins took up when it was on the wire so there was enough room for the name cards to hang down. I ended up making the name cards 1″ wide x 2 1/4″ tall and mounting them on slightly larger paper that was 1 2/16″ x 2 6/16″. I thought mounting them on some of the same sparkly paper I used throughout my wedding made them look more elegant. I also wanted to make them look like little flags, with a triangle cut out at the bottom, because when they are all hanging there together it looks like a line of chevrons, which I was trying to incorporate into my wedding wherever I could!

DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards |

I organized names in alphabetical order by their last name and put little letter flags every so often so people could find where their name will be faster. I’ve been to some weddings where people organize names by table number and it took forever to find your name! I think alphabetical order is much easier. Then, on each person’s escort card I put a table number. To create the actual escort cards themselves I made a template in the Silhouette software, typed in everyone’s name, and used the print & cut feature to cut them out into little flags. It took awhile to type in everyone’s name but the end result was worth it. If you don’t have a Silhouette you could do the same thing in Microsoft Word or whatever program you have. Just print out everyone’s name with enough space around each and then cut out the little flags by hand.  You could also just do it all by hand if you wanted. I was able to fit 90 names & 9 letter flags total on two of these frames.

Since I couldn’t really hang these on a wall anywhere or put them on an easel because the back is open I decided to lean them up on a table just outside of our reception hall. I decorated the table with a large green “S” for our last name and some tea lights that I also used throughout the reception. I think it turned out super cute and everyone loved it!

If you don’t want to buy these frames pre-made it would be very simple to make yourself. It’s just a frame with no back, some screw eyes screwed into the inside of the frame, and wire attached to the screw eyes. Super easy and looks amazing! Other ideas to decorate your wedding with these frames could be to hang some pictures of you and your groom to the clips or pictures of family members on their wedding days, hang a drink or food menu to it, or hang any instructions you might have for your guests! The possibilities are endless and you could even paint the frame to coordinate with your wedding colors! Hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please share on social media to spread the word! 🙂


DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards |
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