DIY Washi Tape Tea Light Tutorial

DIY Washi Tape Tea Lights. Great for Weddings, Parties, & Decorations! See the tutorial on

We are coming up on the last couple DIY wedding projects that I have to share with you. This post will show you how to dress up your Tea Lights for your Wedding or a Party or wherever you are using Tea Lights! It’s very simple to do, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and just adds an extra detail that makes your decorations shine! I happened to have one extra light left over so I can show you what I did up close. Did I mention that you get to play with Washi Tape?! I love Washi Tape, it’s fun to say and use 😛 Anyway, here we go… I broke this simple project down into a couple of steps (although totally unnecessary because it’s so easy) just so I could share where I got my materials and write a few tips under each step.  (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Middle of May

Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky new bed |

Hi all! Time for more cute pictures of Rocky for Too Cute Tuesday! We got Rocky a new bed to put in our family room since his spoiled butt doesn’t particularly like laying on the leather couch unless you put a blanket down. I’m okay with that though– less likely for him to scratch the couch! He loves laying in that new bed, it’s so cute 🙂

Even though I just said he doesn’t like laying on the couch he’ll still get up there if you put a blanket down or he will just lay on top of all the pillows. It’s hilarious because he will scoop all the pillows into one spot with his feet so he can lay on them in one big pile! (more…)

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How to make a Chalkboard Wall

How-to make a Chalkboard Wall |

Hello readers! I’m excited to reveal pictures of my new chalkboard wall and share with you how my project went, what materials I used, and step by step photos! I hope this post inspires you to create your own chalkboard wall. It creates a bold statement and is super fun!

I originally was just going to make the wall that our pantry door is on the chalkboard wall which would have been a very small section, but installing our new Nest thermostat kind of made the decision for me to paint one wall into the dining room as well! The previous owners didn’t leave any paint for the dining room so we couldn’t cover up the white spot that was left behind from our old thermostat. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to just carry the chalkboard wall into the dining room for an accent wall! We will probably eventually paint the other 3 walls in this room as there are some dings and dirty spots that won’t come off but I am loving the large chalkboard wall especially because you see it immediately when you walk into our home. I can’t wait to spend some time drawing on it! 🙂 (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky Outside

Dog Laying Outside on Couch |

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Shout out to all the moms– pet moms included 🙂 We hosted our first family dinner for Mother’s Day and it was a nice day to be outside. We set up all our new outdoor furniture for the party and Rocky immediately jumped up on the couch and sat there for hours. What a hard life Rocky has… haha. Hope you enjoy the cute pictures on Too Cute Tuesday! (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Rocky in Weird Positions

Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Hanging Head Off Bed |

This week’s Too Cute Tuesday I’m sharing some more pictures of Rocky in weird positions. He loves jumbling his feet together (which is oh so cute!) and laying off furniture in weird positions. I’m also so glad this house has windows that go to the floor like our condo did because he loves laying down by the window with his feet stretched out! He makes me smile every time I look at him and I hope he makes you smile too 🙂 (more…)

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DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards

DIY Hanging Wedding Escort Cards |

Did everyone see my previous post about our wedding being published on The Knot?! If you didn’t, check out the post here to get the link 🙂  To continue my wedding series I will be doing a tutorial for how I created my hanging wedding escort cards! The Christmas before our wedding I asked for a bunch of Silhouette supplies. We had a coupon so I really went to town on ordering a bunch of stuff. One of the things I wanted was the Silhouette Advent Calendar. I kept seeing really cute decorations that people made with the advent calendar that can be used year round so that was one of the things I ordered. It looks like they don’t have them anymore on their website but I found one on When my advent calendar arrived mine didn’t come with the clips it was supposed to so we called Silhouette to ask for new clips and they ended up sending me an entire new advent calendar. Now I had two! This wasn’t my original intention but now that I had two I thought these would be the perfect solution to hang escort cards from for our wedding! (more…)

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Too Cute Tuesday: Baby Bunnies

Too Cute Tuesday - Baby Bunnies

Awhile back we went to mulch all our flower/tree beds and found a bunny nest! You could see them all squished together and buried in their nest made of straw and other found materials. They were so tiny and cute! We made sure to not let Rocky see the nest or let him get too close to find it. We went on vacation for about a week to Florida to visit Universal Studios (Harry Potter world!) & Busch Gardens. When we came back I went to check out the nest to see if they were still there and we found them outside of the nest tucked under the retaining wall rocks. I seriously could have pet them I was so close but I left them alone as tempting as it was (they were super cute!). I snapped a quick pic of the 3 of them with my phone incase they ran away so the quality isn’t so great. The next day they were gone and on their way to their new bunny life outside of the nest! (more…)

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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Guest Book

DIY Wedding Photo Booth Guest Book |

To continue my wedding series, this DIY post will be featuring my Photo Booth Guest Book! It was a must to have a Photo Booth at my wedding. We knew the guests coming to our wedding weren’t big on dancing (and we aren’t either) so I thought it would be fun to have some other kind of entertainment that guests could do. It was a huge hit! People were in the booth all night. The Photo Booth was also acting as our wedding favor. I made a keepsake envelope that guests could put their Photo Booth printouts in. There will be a post on that coming up soon!

Since we were having a Photo Booth that printed out 2 copies of each picture I thought it would be a good idea to have guests keep one and then put one in an album along with a message for us. This became our Guest Book so people didn’t have to write in two different books. Our Photo Booth happened to print out 4×6″ pictures instead of one long strip like a typical Photo Booth would. If yours print at 4×6″ then you can get the same look as my Guest Book!


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